The 2020 Big Sales

You need to act now for the Biggest Sales This Year

2020 Shopify Big Sales

Do you know that Shopify made $343.9 million in 2017?

That is a 54% increase Sales on Shopify’s platform over the Black Friday Cyber Monday period reached more than $1.5 billion of GMV in just four days.Total revenue for the full year 2018 was $1.073 billion, a 59% increase over 2017 .

For the full year 2019, Shopify currently expects: Revenues in the range of $1.46 billion to $1.48 billion

Here is an opportunity for you to make 6 figures Don't be left out in this year's Big sales.
Think about it, of course, you'd want to buy gifts/items for your loved ones this festive period, ain't that right?
Everybody would want to buy gifts. Imagine you have a website that can sell the needed items to people during this period. Shopify website builder provides you with an opportunity to seize and make good use of this festive period to make profits in the 6 digits.

If you’re reading this and you are doubting, I can only think of 5 possible reasons why you haven't taken us up on this offer, yet.

Reason #1)

“Will this work for me?” We have thousands of success stories from clients in dozens of countries for a reason: this stuff works. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, what you look like, or what type of previous experiences you have or you are not a tech-savvy

If you’re willing to put in the work it takes to succeed, I am here to support you in every step of the way. Ranging from store design to store conversion. We are here to make you happy with your Online Shopify store

Reason #2)

“Can I trust Shopify Website Builder?” I get it… the internet is full of people who talk big, promise you the world, and then fail to deliver. This is part of the reason we let our clients do the talking for us. You can find more of these posted on our website and blog, YouTube and all over Facebook. Shopify Website Builder is a subsidiary of Technocrat INC, a registered company in the United States. You can read more on this on our about us page

Reason #3)

“Am I really going to use this service?” Shopify won't make you any money if your store is not professionally designed with the right converting apps. Ever bought a guitar and let it sit in the corner of your room for five years? or joined a gym, then never showed up? I get it… as humans, we make decisions based on emotions then freeze up when it comes to executing (aka doing the thing!) This is why we are here to make your store look professional and well built to convert with sales trigger apps.

Reason #4)

I don't have time. I get it you have other business, or you are still stuck with your 7-9 hours or Are you an entrepreneur. That’s why the first “employee” many ecommerce entrepreneurs hire is a virtual assistant: someone who can take on the daily tasks and processes that are important for running your business. We can assist you with that. we handle all the tasks that you are facing difficulties with.

Reason #5)

“I can’t afford it” If you fall under this category then you really need to think long and hard about everything we're including here.

You should be asking yourself “Can I afford NOT to get this offer?”

Here’s what is included

💥💥💥Shopify Store Design with a Premium Theme
💥💥💥Unlimited Days Trials
💥💥💥Niche selection and Hot Product Research/Selection
💥💥💥Store and Profile Graphic Designing
💥💥💥Sales Trigger Integration Apps
💥💥💥Logo and Basic Branding
💥💥💥Best Video Course to Earn 6 Figures
💥💥💥Powerful Product Descriptions with Targeted Keywords
💥💥💥Mobile, Page Speed & SEO Optimized
💥💥💥Powerful Fb Ads Copy that Drives Sales Fast!
💲💲💲A Store Built to CONVERT!💲💲💲
Order Now! to Qualify for 50% Discount Sales Today!

You are not trying to convince them of anything. you're trying to show them how you are going to make their lives easier. There are no favors involved. It's a win-win for everybody

-Mark Cuban

You can either have an excuse or money, you can not have the two. The choice is yours.

Stop making excuses and make the commitment to change your life right now.

– Anton Kraly Order Now! to Qualify for 50% Discount Sales Today!

Testimonials from People Using Shopify

Extract from Shopify Store Owners

  • Shopify store design by Shopify Website Builder

    I hit my first $1k/day today in USD! It’s $2,400 AUD in sales my first time reaching over $1k/day and it feels unreal! It was once my dream 2 years ago,

    I had so many rough patches for 2 years, I lost everything, my friends, my so ial life and stuck my life into learning. I spent over $30k on ads in total of my life and never saw profit.

    This store however, after so many grueling loss of money over 2 years, this is the first store that is making me $1k/day and its an insane feeling!I never thought I would reach this stage of shopify....

  • Shopify store design by Shopify Website Design

    Found a Winning Product 🏆💙 been testing for about 2 weeks. This lookalike audience is gonna be KILLER this 4th Quarter! It’s an Eco-Friendly product

    🥳My October months seem to have a good start on my Seasonal store💵
    💄Beauty Products Are Taking a lead. Welcome to the most Beautiful Autumn and Winter Season💋 Wedding Bells are ringing!
    👩Simple Targeting, Maximum results. 👇

About Us

Few Words Of Our Company

Shopify Website Builder

a Subsidary of Technocrat Tech Comm INC

An Expert Digital Marketing Company That Specializes In SEO, Email Campaign, Social Media, Ecommerce, Web Development & Shopify Setup You Will Get Prompt & Optimum Business Solution to Minimize Your Cost and Maximize Your Profit. .

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Custom Design & Development

Our expert team of Shopify will customize each and every page of your ecommerce store to meet your needs

Store Build or Redesign

We will design an awesome store for you using a premium theme that will match your niche and grow your sales fast!

Migration of Store

Shopify is the most used ecommerce platform. If you are not on shopify, we will migrate your store for you

Premium Theme

At Shopify Website Builder we will use Professionally designed premium Shopify theme that is easy to use and comes with amazing features for your store

Winning Products

Shopify Website Builder finds the Best New Winning Products to help our customers to grow their sales. These are not just products, they are handpicked products.We make use of the world-class ecommerce algorithm research to find these winning products.

Sales Conversion Apps

Get MORE sales from your Shopify store than ever before, easier & faster. with the best BEST conversion sales apps. These apps are recommended by Shopify itself as a Shopify partner and expert we will help you to integrate this on your store

Shopify Store Design and Setup Services

Shopify Website Builder, Shopify Website Design, Shopify Website Building

Build Your SIX FIGURES dropshipping store today!!!

The Easiest Way to Start a Dropshipping Business is getting the right team to design and develop an awesome store for you

Don’t force yourself tyring to do the job and end up feeling frustrated and angry. We’ll do the work for you and create for you the consummate custom-designed store that will operate strictly on autopilot and multiply your proceeds for many years.

Choose Your Plan Establish Your Business All Over The World. Get Your Online Ecommerce Shopify Store With A Premium Theme Plus 90 Days Trial

One Time Payment act now and grow your sales 50% Discount Sales Now! Price increase soon

Grow Your Business Today!


$12/ Hour

Custom Domain Name

Custom Email

Custom Logo

Premium Design

Premium Theme

Conversion Apps

Winning Products

Hourly Rate

24/7 Support

Pay with Paypal




Shopify Domain

Free Email

Free Logo

Unlimited Days Trial

Freemium Theme

3 Conversion Apps

5 Products

2-3 Days

1week SEO Campaign

No Fb Supports

24/7 Support

Pay with Paypal




Custom Domain Name

Custom Email

Custom Logo

Unlimited Days Trial

Premium Theme

5-7 Conversion Apps

10 Products

3-5 Days

2Weeks SEO Campaign

💥💥💥Powerful Fb Ads Copy that drives sales fast!

24/7 Support

Pay with Paypal




Custom Domain Name

Custom Email

Custom Logo

Unlimited Days Trial

Premium Theme

7-10 Conversion Apps

20 Products

5-7 Days

1Month SEO Campaign

💥💥💥Powerful Fb Ads Copy that drives sales fast!

💥💥💥 Right Target Audience and Interest

24/7 Support

Pay with Paypal


What Our Customer Says

  • Shopify store design by Shopify Website Builder

    This guys are great. They completely change my shopify to look extremely professional. I highly recommend them. My sales increase tremendously due to their professional touch. Thank you again.


    Beauty Brand Store
  • Shopify store design by Shopify Website Design

    I wanted to customize the 'Buy Now' (dynamic buy button) button in my Shopify store theme. Shopify customer service and two sellers on fiverr (level 1& 2) said it's not possible. I am so glad that I approached Larry.(shopify website builder) Friendly communications and passionate pro coder who accepts challenges. Go for him!!!.

    Baby Online Store

    Baby Store
  • Shopify store design by Shopify Website Design

    Will definitely hire this company for future projects. Great technical skills and awesome in communicating project details and updates.


    Maternity Store


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Years Experience




These are just a little out of thousands of the stores, we have designed

Shopify store design by shopify website building
POD Store


Shopify store design by Shopify Website Builder
Beauty Store

Beauty Brand Store

Shopify store design by shopify website buildingr
Lingerie Store


Shopify store design by Shopify Website Builder
Gym Store

Gym Lover Store


Few questions that are bodering your mind

What is Shopify Unlimited days Trial

Here at Shopify Website Builder we are able to give you unlimited days trial

Because we are official Shopify Experts/Partners, we are able to give you an unlimited free trial (than the normal 14 days trial on the Shopify website). Why do we do this? We know it can sometimes take longer than 14 days to launch an e-commerce store, especially if it's your first time, and it's not something that you should rush if you don't have to. We feel your pain (and your wallet's too), so we take the load off and make sure that you aren't paying until you're ready to launch .

I already have a Shopify store. I need help

If you have a Shopify store and you want us to assist you with the design, apps, features, fixing bugs... Just contact us about the customize or the features that you want to add or edit.We will send you the hourly rate it will take to fix it

I am new to Shopify dropshipping

Dropshipping is a profitable business. You'll be able to sell products to customers at your price. You don't even need to pay for inventory. until it’s sold to an actual customer

Do I have to choose Niche/Product or You choose for me?

You can choose either a specific niche or general niche. Either of the 2 works fine for us. We can choose a niche/product for you or you provide it yourself

Payment Method

You can pay using the Paypal button or Credit card.We accept all credit card and Paypal on our website. Thus give the buyer and the seller ability to protect each other. If you don't have any of the above request for other payment methods.We also accept ACH Bank Transfer if you are in United States. Just request for the details We will send it to you

Money Back Guaranteed

Yes! you read it right, we provide money back guarantee and 100% satisfaction with our services and our payment is a one-time fee. All the store profit is yours alone.

After Payment what next

We will send you a confirmation invoice for the payment and start working on your project. We take our work and clients seriously reason we get our hands fast on desk ASAP. We deliver almost all project within 3-5 working days.

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